Monday, October 24, 2011

Worldwide Murderers and Their Demise

Over the course of the last nine months, we have been witness to the demise of murderers and tyrants around the world. Most recently Muammar Gaddafi, along with his sons and most of his extended family was killed as he tried to once again escape the army of the Libyan people, the people he had terrorized, tortured, and executed during his forty-two years of absolute power in that impoverished country.
Just a few months ago, in May, we were informed that, after ten years on the run from the people he had declared war on, Osama bin Laden was located and killed by members of the elite United States Navy Seals. During the last year, we have watched as most of the leaders of the Al-Qaeda network have been hunted down and killed.
We have watched as the aptly named Arab Spring uprisings pitted oppressed peoples of several nations against the forces of the dictators who had kept them living under martial law, poverty, and fear for decades. The actions of people that had grown weary of the iron fists of governments run by dictators and their families brought to an end the reign of their oppressors and have forced them from their lofty perches and took for themselves the freedom that each human being so naturally deserves.
As we watch the events unfold in Syria, one has to wonder if the Assad family will be the next family of tyrants running from those that have been oppressed for so long. Every day protestors are fired upon and killed by units of the Syrian military, yet they continue to protest. Will the dictator and his puppet government have to kill the whole population?
The face of the entire Middle East region is being transformed before our eyes. Time will tell what kind of governments will emerge from the newly free nations, but we hope that whatever that government turns out to be will be the government chosen by free elections and by all the people of each nation.
I have been surprised at the number of cries of foul ball as these scumbags get their just rewards. I could not believe that so many Americans were offended that Osama bin Laden was killed without a trial. I have listened to people, who refused to allow the trial of a terrorist to take place on American soil, demand to know why bin Laden was not arrested and kept in custody to stand trial. If these people, and I use the term loosely, were to stand trial, I want it in the United States, not a trial by some secret tribunal in Cuba. As to weather bin Laden was executed or killed in a shootout, who cares? He is dead! My only regret is that he could not be killed over and over, once for each person that died after he ordered aircraft carrying Americans to be crashed into the World Trade Center buildings causing their collapse and eliminating nearly three thousand lives, lives of people who did nothing except leave their homes and families go to work on a beautiful Tuesday morning.
A trial for bin Laden? He was the world wide leader of an organization that vowed to destroy America. He signed his own death warrant the day he declared war on America!
Now many around the world are asking if Gaddafi was treated unfairly. Was he killed in a gun battle or was he killed after capture, executed? Again, who cares? After forty-two years of his crimes against the Libyan people, he got his. The people he had oppressed for decades removed a monster from the earth. He got the same kind of trial he provided the thousands who he tortured and killed during his four decades in power.
For me, as an American, I think he should have been hunted down and killed years ago, after he blew an American aircraft out of the skies, killing American citizens along with many others. The trauma he caused the people of Lockerbie, Scotland made the destruction a double act of terrorism. In case some may forget he delighted in blowing up buildings that Americans frequented.
Instead of playing nice with him because he said he would give up his quest for weapons of mass destruction, we should have sent the murderous animal straight to hell!
I’m not sure if the complainers are just doing so for political reasons or if they are sincere in their belief that bin Laden and Gaddafi deserve any better than what they got. Either way, for my part, every time one of these pieces of trash is removed from the earth, I feel safer, and I am proud of the people that did the work to remove them.

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